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Insight into trends in the global HVAC market – 2020 and beyond

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Join us for this free webinar from the BSRIA Worldwide Market Intelligence team as they deliver insight into global HVAC market trends in 2020 and beyond.

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The annual AHR trade show, the key event for the North American HVAC industry, is a great opportunity for our American friends and clients to reconnect with BSRIA. We hold highly popular events within the AHR educational program, sharing our views on global market trends that shape industries, and creating space for fruitful discussions with market stakeholders.

This year our event has moved online, following the decision of AHR organisers to cancel the show in view of pandemic-related restrictions. 

We will present the following:

Socrates Christidis, Research Manager for Heating and Renewables will set the scene by presenting the global and regional trends and drivers in the heating market, bringing into focus the North American, Chinese and European markets and the impact COVID -19 has inflicted. He will also present the likely short and medium-term impact of COVID as well as challenges and likely opportunities that might arise when markets recover. The new US administration is likely to drive some change in the country’s markets with its ambitions to implement a progressive green agenda.

Lone Hansen, Research Manager for IT Cabling and Building Automation will explore the global market for BACS and IoT putting North America into context in terms of trends and impact of COVID on the overall market. She will also share some views on opportunities arising in different vertical segments following big changes in the way we live, and work accelerated by the pandemic. Digitalisation is high on the agenda and has been pushed further by COVID with remote monitoring and non-touch options, so Lone will explore how this may change the market going forward.

Saziye Dickson, research Manager for VAC&R will address how COVID has pushed changes for Indoor Air Quality in buildings and what it will mean for the industry going forward in terms of AC and ventilation needs and requirements. She will also present how the spread of the COVID-19 virus impacted on Global and the Americas AC markets with views on the prospect for recovery.

Following unique industry research that BSRIA carried out into the global HAC&R compressor market, Saziye will share some findings, finishing with valuable insight into US commercial refrigeration that has been subject to another BSRIA in-depth study.

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  • Published: January 2021
  • Author: BSRIA
  • CPD: 1 hour