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The Metrix VX0100 Bio-Test low frequency electric field tester is a simple to use, economical and reliable instrument. It is is equipped with an an external interchangeable antenna for measurements from 10 Hz to 100 kHz, this measurement range allows it to be used to test the pollution generated by electrical power distribution networks inside houses and offices. The instrument is designed for both professional and private use, including electricians, PAT testers and those working in the housing, commercial property and industry sectors. It can be used for monitoring many sources of electromagnetic pollution including; electrical power distribution inside housing and offices; surge protector power bars and electrical cables; computers, printers and faxes; lighting; high-voltage power lines, transformers and railway power lines / tracks.


  • Equipped with an external interchangeable antenna capable of measurements from 10 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Hand-held, designed for stand-alone use and an audio signal gives immediate identification of field level
  • Representative field testing which takes the users presence into account
  • Traditional method that measures fields referenced to earth
  • Can also be used to detect cables during renovation work
  • Instant audible identification of field levels
  • Tests electric field intensity in accordance with standards including IEEE C95.6-2002, 1999/519/CE, 2004/40/CE, 2010 draft standard EN IEC 62493, EN50366 and IEC 62233
  • Supplied with a socket tester (phase position and presence of earth), 5 m earth cable, external field & cable detection antenna, hard carry case and detailed user manual
  • 2-year warrenty included


Radiation type Electric field

Accuracy ± 3 % + 5 digits at 50 to 60 Hz

Probe External interchangable antenna

Power source 9 V battery (included)

Battery life 60 to 80 hours

Dimensions 63.6 mm x 40 mm x 163 mm

Weight 200 g (with battery)

Maximum frequency 100 kHz

Minimum frequency 10 Hz

Sensitivity ranges 1.0 V/m to 200 V/m and 100 V/m to 2,000V/m

Analysis of equipment connected to the mains 5 Hz to 3 kHz (3 kHz low-pass filter), 3 kHz to 100 kHz (2 kHz high-pass filter), 5 Hz to 100 kHz (3 kHz without filter)

Protection IP65

Safety Single earth terminal

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