Faber & Kell's Heating and Air-Conditioning of Buildings (KHACB)

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A handbook which provides an understanding of the principles of heating and air-conditioning of buildings.

Available in hardcopy or e-book.

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For over 70 years, Faber & Kell's has been the definitive reference text in its field. 

The hand book provides an understanding of the principles of heating and air-conditioning of buildings in a concise manner, illustrating practical information with simple, easy-to-use diagrams, in full-colour. 

The 11th edition has been organised for ease of use and includes chapters on sustainability and renewable energy sources, as well as information on the Building Regulations Parts F and L. As well as extensive information on regulations and codes, it includes an introduction that explains the role of the building services engineer in the construction process. The editorial offers coverage of design calculations, advice on using the latest technologies, building management systems, operation and maintenance makes this an essential reference for all building services professionals.

Table of Contents

Section A Building Physics  
A1. Comfort and other Fundamentals  
A2. The Building in Winter  
A3. The Building in Summer  
A4. Modelling of Buildings  
A5. Noise Control  Section
B Sustainable Design  
B1. Sustainability  
B2. Building Regulations  
B3. Renewable Energy  
B4. Combined Heat Power  Section
C Heating and Hot Water Supply  
C1. Heating of Buildings  
C2. Energy Sources  
C3. Heat Generators, Combustion and Chimneys  
C4. Hydronic Systems  
C5. Steam Systems
C6. Unitary (direct) Systems  
C7. Hot Water Supply  Section
D Air Conditioning and Ventilation  
D1. Air Conditioning Systems  
D2. Air Distribution  
D3. Air Treatment Equipment  
D4. Calculations for Air Conditioning  
D5. Refrigeration and Heat Rejection  
D6. Ventilation Systems  Section
E Pipework and ductwork systems  
E1. Pipework Design for Indirect Systems
E2. Pumps and Auxiliary Equipment  
E3. Ductwork Design  
E4. Fans  Section
F Installation, Commissioning and Operation  
F1. Health & Safety  
F2. Controls and Building Management Systems  
F3. Motor Drives, Starting Methods and Control  
F4. Commissioning and Handover  
F5. Operation and Maintenance

Product details

  • Published: February 2015
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Authors: Oughton D & Wilson A
  • ISBN: 9780415522656