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European Field Devices

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The new study of Field Devices, after the release of the USA and China will be covered during this webinar.

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The global pandemic shaped 2021 unevenly for building applications. Manufacturers and suppliers all over the world met new challenges and opportunities with the reopening of national borders and markets. 

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the upcoming publication of the field device reports. The field device research program already covered the USA and China in 2020. In 2021, the research expanded to Europe, covering Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.  These new modular reports will be released in October and include 3 modules: HVAC valves and actuators, HVAC and fire dampers and actuators, and HVAC and integration sensors. 

Join us at this free webinar on Wednesday 27th of October at 15.00 (BST) and 14.00 (GMT) where our experts will cover

  • The primary macro disrupters - Commodities and Supply chains: Situation and Trends
  • The new regulation and the expected changes in standards – Safety and Energy Efficiency
  • The new project and product specifications, driven by the pandemic and the accelerated adoption of cloud-based services - Growth Trajectory for Bus and IP Connected Products and Drivers
  • A review of the trends in the market and examples of growth in key commercial verticals driven by the greater focus on the IAQ

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  • Published: September 2021