Delta T: February 2014

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The February 2014 edition of DELTA T is a special Energy edition which looks at the following: industry news, The Survival of the Smartest, Utilising life cycle and life cycle assessment for an informed decision, A hurricane on the way, Progress on energy efficiency, What happens when the wind doesn

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The survival of the smartest
BSRIA's Henry Lawson discusses how 'smart technologies' have evolved over time and how the development of software, communications technology and common standards.
Utilising life cycle and life cycle assessment for an informed decision
BSRIA's Peter Tse evaluates and compares life cycle costing (LCC) and life cycle analysis (LCA).
BSRIA Delta t: questions & answers
BSRIA's Delta t (February 2014) responds to four members' queries in its questions and answers section.
Hurricane on its way
BSRIA's Colin Pearson discusses the real possibility of electricity shortages in the UK in the foreseeable future and what this means for businesses.
Progress on energy: a tale of four countries
Andrew DeGuire, Vice President, Johnsons Controls, examines the potential for buildings energy efficiency projects through high level analysis of the economic and energy trends in the US, UK, China and Australia in 2013/14.
What happens when the wind doesn't blow?
BSRIA's Gambi Chang discusses the UK's options for renewable energy supply. Driven by EU targets and a mandated 15% of all energy resources to be supplied by renewable energy by 2020, the UK is attempting to meet this goal through a mixture of distributed energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy.
Air conditioning inspections
BSRIA's Salim Deramchi offers an overview and guide to air conditioning inspections.
BSRIA Briefing 2013
A review of BSRIA's briefing 2013, whose main themes focused on customer satisfaction, data centre trends, changes in building practices, design decisions, smart technologies and the internet of things (IoT.)

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  • Published: March 2014
  • Publisher: BSRIA
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