CIBSE Guide M: Maintenance Engineering and Management 2014 (GVM)

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Guide M: Maintenance Engineering and Management (CIBSE Guide M)

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This publication is also available as part of the Maintaining Facilities Guide Set.

This new, 2nd edition of Guide M supersedes the previous 2008 edition.

This guidance is a continuation of work by the CIBSE Maintenance Task Group, chaired by Joanna Harris, and is intended for the benefit of all those involved in the operation and maintenance of engineering services. It is an update of the 2008 Guide and aims to provide best practice for those who have responsibility for the management and maintenance of the engineering services in a building. It also aims to inform those who design and construct buildings and raise awareness of the implications their decisions have on enabling effective management and maintenance Principal areas of revision relate to legislation changes and changes in best practice.

Our industry is concentrating on performance outcomes and closing the gap between design and operation. Working together we can help our clients by managing their expectations and maximising impact from their annual spends on maintenance and management of buildings.

The Guide identifies current good practice and addresses topics of particular interest and relevance to those involved at all levels in engineering services maintenance. This includes designers, manufacturers, installers, maintainers, building owners, occupiers and operators, professional advisors and specialist providers.

This document is intended to bring maintenance into a sharper focus by helping building and property operators become more aware of their responsibilities and duties. It will also help services designers to appreciate their role in providing installations that are safe, economic to maintain and operate, and capable of giving satisfactory performance over their full lifespan.

During the process of updating this Guide the Task Group collaborated with other publishers of best practice guidance including RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), B&ES (Building and Engineering Services Association) and BSRIA Ltd to agree a structure for presenting assets (see Figure 1.1, which provides an overview of how the documents span the life cycle of a building.)

With the recent developments around Building Information Modelling (BIM) it is the management and maintenance teams that can benefit the most from the increase in useful information generated in a BIM project.

This item is also available for BSRIA members to borrow from the library – see /information-membership/information-centre/library/search/?k=Maintenance%20Engineering%20and%20Management%20

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  • Published: November 2014
  • Author: CIBSE
  • ISBN-13: 9781906846503