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York chiller achieves test specification at BSRIAJune 2009

Chillers represent a substantial capital investment and can be a main contributor to the operating costs in commercial buildings. These systems are the largest energy users, and it is critical to ensure their reliability and efficiency before installing them on site. 

YORK chiller under test at BSRIA: The thermal performance was tested at full and part load while maintaining a steady state conditions throughout the two-week testing

Johnson Controls Ltd recently commissioned BSRIA to carry out an independent testing on the 1,400kW version of their YORK Air-Cooled variable speed drive screw chiller, in order to validate it's efficiency against the specified project requirements.

The objective of the test was to measure a power consumption and the cooling capacity under simulated real-life site conditions as specified by the client.

BSRIA's team was responsible to carry out a complex task from setting up the facility, which was outdoor due to the size of the chiller, through to the actual testing and producing a detailed report. The thermal performance of the chiller was tested at full and part load while maintaining a steady state conditions throughout the two-week testing in order to produce accurate results.

Johnson Controls together with their client were able to witness the testing and be part of the BSRIA team.

Andy Parkes, Systems Sales Manager for Johnson Controls commented, "Our project team was impressed with the BSRIA facilities and the thorough professionalism of the BSRIA test personnel. As expected the YORK chiller comfortably achieved the test specification set out by our client. The BSRIA facility offers Johnson Controls the opportunity to validate our performance data for our clients using an independent third-party".

Where previously, the testing of large chillers was only available in the US, this facility at BSRIA now offers manufacturers and clients to have the testing done in the UK and for the whole project team to work together to achieve the objectives.

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