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What does the future hold for the HVAC market?July 2009

Recently BSRIA hosted a private seminar to discuss the new HVAC Overlapping Markets study. The event was well attended by the study subscribers, with a number of senior representatives from some of the market leading companies from the air conditioning, renewable energy and heating industries.

The were lots of opportunities for study subscribers to increase their knowledge of the overlapping markets with an array of topics discussed on the day which included; key market trends, impacts and a comprehensive supplier and distributor analysis presentation. Delegates were also treated to an overview of key future drivers and challenges in the European HVAC market up until 2020; the seminar concluded with an overview of EU and national legislation and the impacts they will have on the HVAC market from market expert Gambi Chiang.

Project leader Greg Corty revealed key influences affecting the market such as government incentives (particularly in Germany) and building energy performance, notably in France there has been a shift in favour towards nuclear energy. It is clear that the recession has affected the majority of the European countries included in the study, in particularly Spain and the UK.

The Overlapping study was very well received by the delegates, with many eager to incorporate the study into their product development and routes to market strategy. To find out more about the study click here.