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War on cold homes warms upSeptember 2014

Julia Evans CEO

We heard earlier in the week how the Labour Party were going to start tackling the issues around increasing the supply of housing and today we have heard how they intend to address the significant challenges around improving the existing housing stock and delivering warmer homes across society.

Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change, Caroline Flint has declared war on cold homes and is going to get tough with the energy companies. A further commitment is to provide one million interest free loans, so that home owners can insulate and save heat being wasted from their home. Over the five year life of a parliament this would equate to approximately 20% of the housing stock. A reasonable commitment, but a little short of what’s really needed.

“To really make a difference in delivering on our carbon commitments we need to address the performance of the existing building stock, in that context BSRIA welcomes the commitments and initiatives the Labour party has made. However the detail is yet to be provided and it’s not clear how all of this might be achieved without spending more money or adding to anyone’s energy bill” commented Julia Evans, BSRIA’s Chief Executive.

BSRIA is a committed partner with government and industry, working on reducing the carbon burden by contributing to the solutions with sharing knowledge, investing in helping to train the workforce and researching into the products and systems that will help deliver on our carbon commitments.

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