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Vertical sector study of LAN cabling and new technologies in the USSeptember 2007

Almost one third of companies and organisations in each vertical market sector expect to be running 10G somewhere in the network by the end of 2008. The exceptions are the government and retail/wholesale sectors (at 26% and 27% respectively) and the manufacturing sector (at 20%).

So concludes the new BSRIA study on network upgrade decisions for LANs by vertical market sector for the US. The sectors covered are the government, education, professional services, manufacturing, FIRE (finance & insurance, real estate & rental), retail/wholesale, healthcare, and the information services sectors with responses from network specifiers across the country and across all regions and company sizes.

45% of the end-users have replaced part of their LAN infrastructure in the last two years. The highest rate was found in the information services sector, which includes the publishing, broadcasting and telecoms industries. The study shows current LAN cabling and associated technologies in 2006 and expectations to the end of 2008.

In terms of fibre, Professional Services (PS) and the education sectors buy the most pre-terminated fiber, and retail/wholesale the least. [PS includes legal, accounting, scientific and engineering professions.] Fibre-to-the-desk was found in 12% to 21% of five of the sectors.

OM3 fibre is noticeably favoured by both the PS and scientific & technology subsectors. PS beat the finance & insurance sector in several areas in the early take-up of the newer and faster technologies.

The study included a calculation of the size of the sectors for structured cabling and shows brand choices by sector, by region and by company size.
The size of the sectors and the forecast to 2008 is measured in percentage share of the structured cabling market (in MSP). The estimations are based on GDP, number of employees, number of establishments, new construction, and input from the survey in terms of number of outlets per workstation and replacement rates.

All respondents were responsible for the specification of their network and the final open questions related to their use of consultants and the reasons for their next network upgrade.

The full 150-page PowerPoint report is available now. For further information contact Lone Hansen at BSRIA on +44 (0)1344 465600.