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Unique partnership targets construction of sustainable homesJanuary 2010

The TSB’s role is to stimulate technology-enabled innovation for boosting UK growth and productivity

The Government- backed Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is to support a ground-breaking £6.4 million programme to build 12 world-class energy-efficient houses, without using renewable energy technologies.

AIMC4 will take a 'fabric-first' approach, with the aim of achieving a 44% reduction in carbon emissions and sees TSB partner with a consortium of developers, suppliers and research organisations.

The project will require innovative materials, products and designs to respond to the Government's policy that all new homes will be zero carbon from 2016.

AIMC4 presents opportunities to demonstrate the energy saving potential of innovative products and services, and their potential to achieve Government targets in new housing stock.

For further information visit the TSB website.