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UKTI review of UK's low-carbon capabilities in ChinaNovember 2009

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is carrying out a review to identify the UK's commercial capabilities in China to support the achievement of a low-carbon sustainable built environment in that country. 

UKTI's aim is to identify the world-class products and services being offered by UK companies operating in China, in order to demonstrate UK leadership and create commercial opportunities for these companies. The information collected will be used to promote and support the business development of the leading UK companies operating in China.

This is a wide-ranging review including, but not limited to, the construction industry. Targets also include legal and regulators' services, the finance sector (property development, carbon trading, CDM, etc.), creative industries (architects, designers, etc.), management services (property and facilities management) and ICT companies providing solutions related to sustainable cities, communities or buildings (e.g. networks, communications and control equipment, building management, etc.).

If your company is in any way contributing to the achievement of a sustainable built environment in China, please take advantage of this initiative by providing UKTI with information on your company's products and services.

Since this review is due for completion by the end of November, information for inclusion must be received by 20 November. Return your completed questionnaire to