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TSI AM520 SidePak personal aerosol monitorJune 2016

Now available to purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the new TSI AM520 SidePak AM520 personal aerosol monitor which is used for determining the levels of dusts, fumes, mists, smoke and fog within a worker breathing zone. This instrument is designed for use in a wide variety of workplace environments, and gives users greater confidence when undertaking worker sampling exercises prior to any gravimetric testing. The AM520 product is a real-time photometer and the first of its kind for measuring 0.8μm sized diesel particulate matter (DPM).

The SidePak AM520 Monitor is a culmination of the success of the industry recognized SidePak AM510 Monitor, incorporating many new technological features that save time and money while providing greater safety. It enables immediate real-time access to more mass size fractions than ever before (PM 10 , PM 4 - respirable, PM 5 - China Respirable, PM 2.5 , PM 1 and 0.8μm), instant data reporting and user-adjustable audible and visual alarms (that can truly be seen and heard, even in the loudest working environments. The new high capacity Li-Ion battery enables over 20 hours of continuous operation to ensure ultimate flexibility.

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