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Transition management of facility-related services - BSI draftMarch 2014

The DPC (Draft for public enquiry) for BS 8892 Transition Management of facility related services is now ready for comment until 31st May on the BSI Draft Review System.

This British Standard provides facility owners, operators and tenants (and professional advisors on their behalf) with guidance on managing changes to their existing sourcing arrangements and where there is a move between insourcing and outsourcing and vice versa. It is applicable to a range of situations from the replacement of one service provider by another, to bringing in-house all services following a lengthy period of outsourcing and incorporates provisions that allow the approach to be scaled to suit the degree of complexity involved. For the purpose of this British Standard, the “organization” can be the facility owner, an operator, a tenant or a professional advisor acting on their behalf.

BSRIA encourages its members and customers to comment on this important draft to present a wide industry view.

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