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The global IIMS market doubles in size from 2005October 2008

The global market for Intelligent Infrastructure Management Solutions (IIMS) in 2007 was estimated at 2.3 million managed ports an increase of approximately 12% from 2006 and more than double the number of ports, installed in 2005. 2008 is expected to be in line with 2007 with an increase in Asia, the Middle East and a few European countries, but a decrease in the US and the UK.

The growth is largely due to:
- Global roll-out by large key accounts mainly in the financial sector
- An increasing number of medium sized projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia
- Some large airport projects

The UK has been the largest market since the IIM solutions were launched, but a number of other markets are now of a reasonable size, such as India, Russia, South Korea, China, Spain, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. USA is also of a significant size compared to the overall IIMS market, but not compared to the size of the US structured cabling market. A number of large projects have also taken place in the Middle East.

The market is expected to slow down significantly in 2008 in the US and the UK, mainly because of the credit crisis, but some of the European countries and India, China, Russia, Argentina, Brazil and the Middle East are expected to show reasonable growth although for some countries at a lower pace compared to previous years.

The awareness and understanding of the products are increasing in the market place and the premium for IIM solutions compared to standard structured cabling hardware has been reduced to 15%-25%. The typical end-user is a medium to large company or a company with many remote sites. These were mainly in the financial sector, but other sectors are increasing in interest such as telecoms, energy, transport, government, media, health, IT companies and education. A barrier for puchase mentioned by the end-users is the lack of compatibility between the systems, which many vendors see as an oportunity, as it linkies the customer to the vendor. A sucessful project focus on the whole process from installation to the system is fully operational including after installation training and servicing. A barrier for growth in the more mature markets is installed solutions that are not implemented and operational.

The majority of the IIMS market is supplied by three generic suppliers of IIM solutions; iTRACS, RiT and CommScope (Systimax). iTRACS has sixpartners: Corning, Molex, Nexans, Ortronics, Siemon and Tyco Electronics and RiT has 8 partners: ADC Krone, Belden, Brand-Rex, Connectix, Furukawa, LS Simple, Panduit and Simon Electric. RiT is also supplying its own hardware, while iTRACS supply software only and a few other suppliers are offering their own system such as Panduit from 2008 and HellermannTyton.

The report provides an overview by region and by the three generic suppliers; iTRACS, RiT and CommScope (Systimax) and discuss the typical cost, trends, end-user sectors, drivers and barriers. The report also includes the IIMS response to an end-user survey conducted in the US in December 2006 with 450 cabling specifiers. 

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