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The 2018 World Cup truly kicks off with this Testo promotion!June 2018

June 2018 will not only see the start of the World Cup but also...

...a 2018 offer from Instrument Solutions. For the month of June 2018 only, for just £2018 excluding VAT, Instrument Solutions are offering for sale the Testo 420 balometer complete with UKAS calibration. This fantastic offer is a saving of £383 off the list price (excludes VAT and carriage) and makes this this easy to use high accuracy volume flow hood the best value instrument in its class.

The Testo 420 is designed for the HVAC market which includes use in clean rooms and systems employing the use of swirl diffusors. The standard assembly with the 610mm x 610mm hood weighs just 2.9kg which makes the instrument ideal for use over extended periods, and it has been designed with the user in mind with ergonomic handles, adjustable display panel, a long battery life and a range of accessories.

For more information on the Testo 420 balometer including hire options, call the expert team on 01344 459314 or e-mail

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Air capture hood sets

Air capture hoods for Part F compliance testing