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Testo are making testing more affordable than ever ...June 2018

From June 2018 BSRIA Instrument Solutions is able to offer a range of Testo thermal imaging and electrical test instruments at lower prices making them even more affordable than before. Perfect for use in the air conditioning and refrigeration markets as well as for general industrial maintenance these products come with many USP’s which the competition has yet to match.

Testo 865 and 868 thermal imaging cameras

These two hand held entry level thermal imaging cameras have both been reduced by £200 thus reducing the 865 from £899 to £699 and the 868 from £1299 to £1099.

Both cameras stand out from the others due to their smart features that includes the Testo Thermography App which allows you to create and send reports from site. This App integrates measurement values wirelessly, turning your smartphone or tablet into a second display.

For further details on the Testo range of thermal imaging cameras please click HERE

Lower cost Testo electrical test instruments

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is now able to offer lower list pricing across a number of electrical test instruments including the Testo multimeter, clamp meter, and voltage tester ranges. As an example, with the revised pricing we can now offer the 760‐1 multimeter at just £59 excluding VAT, which combined with the Testo build quality and its unique technical features give all users a great entry level electrical test product.

For details of the Testo 760 multimeter range please click HERE

Details of the Testo 770 clamp meter range can be found HERE

The Testo 750 voltage tester range details can be found HERE

The Testo 755 voltage and current testers can be found HERE

Details of the product savings are as follows:-

Testo model Old list price New List price Saving

Testo 760‐1 multimeter £75.00 £59.00 £16.00
Testo 760‐2 multimeter £129.00 £99.00 £30.00
Testo 760‐3 multimeter £179.00 £139.00 £40.00
Testo 770‐1 clamp meter £109.00 £89.00 £20.00
Testo 770‐2 clamp meter £149.00 £119.00 £30.00
Testo 770‐3 clamp meter £185.00 £149.00 £36.00
Testo 750‐1 voltage tester £37.90 £29.00 £8.90
Testo 750‐2 voltage tester £59.00 £45.00 £14.00
Testo 750‐3 voltage tester £82.00 £65.00 £17.00
Testo 755‐1 current/voltage tester £109.00 £79.00 £30.00
Testo 755‐2 current/voltage tester £139.00 £99.00 £40.00

Thermal imaging cameras

A huge range of cameras available for hire and purchase from BSRIA.