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Testing zone controllers for eu.bac certification gets startedJuly 2007

Trend Control Systems Ltd is the first UK manufacturer to apply for the eu.bac certification and have selected BSRIA to carry out testing of their individual zone controllers.

Only products that are tested by an authorised laboratory can now obtain eu.bac certification and carry the eu.bac mark. The mark is a expression of energy efficient performance and quality assurance, and Trend plans to be among the first in Europe to apply it to their controls.

Chris Monson, Marketing Manager at Trend says: "BSRIA provided a competitive price with quick service and results so that we can take our product to the market in step with the launch of the certification scheme. The expertise and independence available from BSRIA made them our first choice to prove product compliance with the new programme."

BSRIA is the only UK laboratory authorised by eu.bac to test zone controllers for the new certification scheme and issue reports. To help manufacturers comply with the new scheme and ensure efficient certification process, BSRIA works in partnership with the UK certification body ASTABEAB, who are now an integral part of Intertek. Manufacturers are also using BSRIA for development work, allowing them to improve their designs prior to full certification.

Andrew Eastwell, Chief Executive of BSRIA says: "BSRIA has supported the UK controls industry from its earliest days. In the early 80-s UK was at the forefront of digital controls technology but now we are pleased to be working also with our European and international clients in developing and promoting the eu.bac certification scheme."

With the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, national regulations and corresponding EN standards requiring better energy performance in buildings, the eu.bac certification scheme will be of enormous value to the industry.

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