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Testing and CFD for destratification fansJuly 2008

Airius Europe distributes a range of destratification fans and wanted an independent assessment of their product before application.

BSRIA carried out a combination of laboratory tests and computer simulations of the fans in operation that allowed the product performance to be fully assessed in a specified environment.

The following programme was set up for testing volume flow performance on two units:  

  • Air volume testing to ISO-5801 standard
  • Measuring air speed profile in an environmental chamber
  • Assessing product effectiveness in a specified environment using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

To ensure the CFD simulation correctly incorporates the unusual feature of this type of fan ("air column") a laboratory test was firstly carried out to accurately measure the jet of air created by the fan.

Comparisons were then made between the measured air speeds and isothermal CFD calculations so to ensure that the CFD code can correctly predict the spread of the jet.

BSRIA carried out CFD simulations of two types of building: a retail outlet and a laboratory/shed type building.

'What if' scenarios with and without the fans installed were simulated for comparison.

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