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Temperature Rises as Products Compete in the Heat MarketNovember 2009

BSRIA have recently completed a worldwide study analysing the world heating market. The report covers the latest trends in thirty countries by product sector. The full report is a powerful tool, which provides the latest market value, and volume and makes forecasts for the market and product types based on the market trends and identifies the key drivers for the changes in the market. In addition new changes in Legislation are also covered and the impact these have had on products.


Research conducted by BSRIA has shown that commercial premix gas condensing boilers (wall hung and floor standing) are very popular in Europe representing a market share of 53.6%; simultaneously Europe has seen the introduction of new legislations that affect the boiler market. Moreover despite the renewable market providing strong competition for boilers there are still a high number of boilers still being sold. Interestingly following the recent turn in the economy there is now more positive news as our research indicates that in some countries the governments are investing more money into the manufacturing sector therefore next year we anticipate an increase in commercial and residential building projects. 

Commercial Boilers

Europe has the largest market share of commercial boilers representing a total of 54% and the market has been growing however it has been hit by the recession as it has seen a fall of 7.7% overall. It does however look set to recover by 2012.

Asia Pacific represents a segment of 36.6%, it has seen a small gradual fall in market size. America and Africa appear to have the smallest market share at only 5.27% and 3.7%. The market in these two areas has been rather uncertain, as it has not seen any particular growth or decline.

China by far has the largest volume of sales in comparison to any other country in the commercial boiler market. However sales are decreasing and are forecasted to fall further in the next three years. Japan, Iran, Germany and the UK all have fairly high number of sales however all these four countries had experienced a drop in sales after 2008 but this is forecasted to pick up after 2010 and to achieve the 2008 level of sales in 2012.

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