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Supporting members and clients across the north of the UKJune 2019

Written by Richard Nash, Business Development Executive

BSRIA opened its North of England office at Preston in 2017. Members and clients can expect a warm welcome from us, along with a professional and flexible service, which goes way beyond testing. Our friendly team works in collaboration with you to improve performance, efficiency, and reliability.

This has proven to be a much-valued move for BSRIA members and customers alike – giving BSRIA the capacity and capability to be more responsive and supportive to our valued members and clients across the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This includes:

  • Instrument Solutions where we offer accredited calibrations for measurement parameters such as temperature, pressure and air volume flow devices
  • Training that can be delivered at our fully functioning training suite at Preston, or indeed as in-company training at your offices
  • Membership with additional capacity in the north to ensure members can gain the greatest value from their services and benefits
  • We have also increased the capacity of our Test House facilities with the transfer north of the weather louvre test rig with the capacity to performance test for weather (BS EN 13030:2001) and sand (BS EN 13181:2001)

A core value of BSRIA is ‘Collaboration’ and it is always our aim to work both to assist and indeed learn from our members and clients. With this in mind we held a number of knowledge sharing events with long-standing BSRIA Member, Gilberts who are based out of Blackpool, Lancashire. We were delighted that Gilberts were able to share how they manufacture, and quality assure their portfolio of products on-site. Likewise, we were delighted to involve colleagues from Gilberts in what we are doing on-site here at BSRIA North in relation to member and test services.

Roy Jones Technical Director at Gilberts commented that “Gilberts has been a manufacturer in the air distribution industry for almost 60 years and have been one of BSRIA’s longest standing members.

Gilberts have dealt with BSRIA at many levels on projects in the past and having a chance to be invited to collaborate with BSRIA North more closely, we simply jumped at the chance.

We have used and utilised the services of BSRIA for instrumentation purchase and hire along with using their fully compliant testing services, facilities, knowledge and expertise. BSRIA has always provided a quality product and service to ourselves and I am certain the industry as a whole.

Gilberts and BSRIA have also partnered together previously, on schemes to lift the level of knowledge and understanding relating to standards and specification for products.

With the accessibility of the northern office and possibility to create further relationships to help partner better, we only see this as a positive aid to help us with our product testing, design and development. Gilberts has its own state of the art environmental test facilities and research and development department, which has been able to produce new and innovative products to the market and following guidance and assistance from BSRIA and being able to access their excellent facilities and services as a member, this has allowed us to enhance our product development process.”

Julia Evans, CEO at BSRIA stated “It is always a pleasure for us to meet with members and hear their experiences and how they want BSRIA to work with them going forward. I would personally like to thank Roy and the team at Gilberts for providing greater insight into their industry and how we can continue to support each other”.


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