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Super Successful Heat PumpsOctober 2009

Faced with declining sales of air conditioning and conventional heating products (boilers), the year 2008 was marked by an expected surge in sales of electric heat pumps for hydronic solutions (excluding air to air). A peak in the price of fossil fuels and a variety of financial incentives, coupled with friendly legislation to promote energy-efficient low carbon technologies have contributed in raising consumers' awareness to switch to alternatives, with heat pumps becoming second only to solar thermal. 

The year 2008 was a turning point for the heating market in Western Europe. New changes in particular in German renewable laws and generous tax credits in France led to unprecedented sales in the latter market, wiping out previous sales records in France and Germany. While in the UK the acceptance of air source heat pumps under the micro-generation scheme has made the market attractive to several manufacturers keen to establish their presence in the market.

While sales of boilers plummeted across Europe with -12% in France, -2% UK and -8% in Italy with only Germany experiencing a positive growth of 16%, sales of heat pumps grew 103% in France, 44% in Germany and 101% in the UK. Elsewhere, the picture is no different as heat pumps are the products of choice for consumers in Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

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