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Soft Landings submitted to APPG procurement inquiryJuly 2011

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Excellence in the Built Environment is conducting an Inquiry into achieving best value in the procurement of construction work.

The APPG for EBE is inviting organisations to submit evidence of procurement practice that has a positive or beneficial impact upon the outcome of a construction project in terms of, for example, improving value, eliminating waste, enhancing quality, and/or reducing time and/or cost. The APPG will hold an open meeting in the autumn of 2011 to present the findings of the Inquiry.

The Secretariat for the Inquiry will be provided by the Construction Industry Council. For further information, contact

BSRIA's Soft Landings response

In response to the invitation, BSRIA has submitted evidence of the benefits of its Soft Landings initiative, a procurement and delivery protocol for graduated handover of new and refurbished buildings, concentrating on delivering operational readiness (read BSRIA's full submission).

  • The greater focus on operational outcomes during procurement should achieve five objectives:
  • The client and building users will benefit from a building that is progressively tuned to meet its environmental and other design targets
  • The quality of the final building is higher and more likely to be sustained over the long term, and energy waste in the long term will be reduced (Factors of 3 or more in building performance are regularly being reported from post-occupancy evaluations. Recent work by Carbon Trust shows energy use can be a factor of 5 greater than design prediction. The ongoing cost to the building owner is way in excess of the investment in Soft Landings).
  • The feedback from the performance monitoring enables designers and builders to understand the variables that affect building performance, learn how to tune up buildings, and to learn from the outcomes
  • The construction industry learns how to use feedback to close the open loop between operational reality and design assumptions and modeled targets (the main purpose of which is to demonstrate regulatory compliance)

Overall, the Soft Landings focus on improving procurement, the design process, handover routines and follow-through after occupation offers the best opportunity for buildings to achieve their low energy and low carbon ambitions.

BSRIA provides Soft Landings support services and runs a Soft Landings User Group. For more information contact us on:

T: +44 (0) 1344 465600



Construction compliance

Stress-free compliance with Building Regulations, including airtightness, sound insultation and ventilation