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Service duct risk assessment case studySeptember 2009

"We were confident to award this work to BSRIA based on their recognised expertise in this field and recommendation from another hospital for a similar risk assessment " Richard Jupp - Trust Fire Safety Advisor, West Wales General Hospital

The challenge

West Wales General Hospital has approximately 1km of service ducts underneath their hospital buildings which contain steam mains and steam condense lines, natural gas, oxygen and other medical gases, hot and cold water, power, communications and fire alarm cables and waste pipes.

BSRIA was commissioned to undertake a combined Fire and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) Risk Assessment to establish the full extent of risks contained within the subterranean service ducts in relation to fire spread, being detected and compartmentation.

West Wales General Hospital requested BSRIA's input to deliver this task combined with a full risk assessment of the service ducts located at the hospital.

The process

BSRIA provided the following:

  • site survey record document, detailing the findings of the survey on which the Risk Assessment was based
  • tabled risk assessment detailing the level of risks associated with the identified hazards
  • schedule of remedial works based on the findings to enable an improved risk evaluation within the service ducts
  • project report containing supporting information for the three points above

The benefits

  • a comprehensive report detailing the number of risks and hazards within the services ducts with risk ratings
  • identification of remedial work to be carried out, listed in priority, to enable commissioning of work on hazards of most concern
  • improvement to overall safety, and reduction of the fire risk within the service ducts


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