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Sand trap louvres - NEW test at BSRIAMay 2009

New facility at BSRIA for testing sand trap louvres

BSRIA offers manufacturers, contractors and clients worldwide the only independent facility for testing performance of sand trap louvres to the European standard EN 13181.

Sand trap louvres are used in desert-like conditions and as they are designed for removal of sand while allowing air flow into a building, testing their real performance before installation is critical.

This new BSRIA's facility complements our current testing of weather louvers for rain to EN 13030.

In addition to full testing, we also offer pre-tests for those customers wanting to improve product performance before gaining certification. BSRIA offers:

  • sand distribution and rejection effectiveness at different air flow rates and sand type
  • rain rejection performance and water penetration test using simulated wind speed
  • air flow rate and air pressure loss
  • testing for specific projects

Depending on a project specification, the manufacturers and other industry professionals can have their louvres tested at BSRIA for any type of coars or fine sand from different parts of the world.


BSRIA Test and Certification

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