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Powered Flow Hoods available from BSRIA Instrument SolutionsFebruary 2013

Part F of the Building Regulations requires commissioning of mechanical ventilation systems, to ensure that the correct flow rates are achieved. The Observator DIFF Powered Flow Hood enables flow rates from supply and extract terminals to be measured accurately.

This instrument can be used for testing under Method A, outlined in a new free to download BSRIA publication on Domestic Ventilation Systems (simple registration required for free download).

BSRIA has conducted laboratory tests on rotating vane anemometers, showing that a different correction factor needs to be used for each type of fan being tested. This lab report for 60 l/s fans referenced in the publication can also be downloaded for free. Similar results were found with 15 l/s fans and this report is also available to download here.

BSRIA provides accredited testing of ventilation systems for Part F of the Building Regulations. Email or phone us on 0800 5871000 for a quote.

Air capture hood sets

Air capture hoods for Part F compliance testing