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Passive optical LAN marketNovember 2011

With the ever increasing demands for higher bandwidths even within the enterprise and on campus, this relatively new system called Passive Optical LAN (POL) has been introduced to the market whereby a tried-and-tested optical fibre access network technology has been adjusted to on-premise requirements. Over the last couple of years, Motorola and Tellabs have been selling a singlemode fibre system using their access network Optical Network Terminal (ONT) as a replacement for the current traditional copper and fibre local area network (LAN). The optical fibre LAN system is also called various other names in the marketplace, such as Optical LAN Solution (OLS) and Optical Enterprise Solution (OES). 

The prospect of a potentially greener, more energy-efficient, long-life, highly secure system, using passive splitting instead of expensive switches, with a reduced total cost of ownership has perturbed some suppliers of copper cabling systems and those involved with multimode fibre systems. They have been discussing the effects on the 6 billion US dollar worldwide on-premise data cabling market, as prominent POL case studies begin to be seen. 

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