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Operation and Maintenance benchmarking results 2014August 2014

BSRIA has just published this year's operation and maintenance benchmarking report as a guide for building operators to evaluate their performance against their peers.

The report includes real-life data on maintenance, energy, soft services and waste. The data was collated in consultation with members of the BSRIA's O&M Benchmarking Network. With extensive expertise in helping facilities managers operate their buildings more efficiently, BSRIA is acting through the Network as a valid and authoritative focal point for building operators aiming to improve their performance.

Annual electricity consumption (kWh/m2 GIA) benchmarks since 2006

For a second year running, membership subscriptions remained at the highest the Network has seen in its 10 year history, which is a reflection of the need for the up to date resource the Network offers.

The latest report is based on 79 sets of data that BSRIA received for analysing this year. The responses were heavily dominated by general office returns, which is usually the case. This year the financial sector gave the greatest number of returns, followed by Central Government.

Over 85% were from England, with the largest proportion from the North West but there were submissions from across the UK. There were also a small number of returns from other places in Europe.

Energy reducing technologies in use

There are influences which can affect the cost of maintenance and questions are asked to allow more accurate comparisons. We captured again this year how members procured their subcontractors and similar to previous findings, 97% were included in the main M&E contract.

The total maintenance benchmark for all buildings (with the exception of Warehouses) has increased slightly this year. The average cost of security and cleaning also increased across all building types, compared with last year. However, this increase is most likely due to the high proportion of returns this year from offices within the financial sector, which report a higher cost for these services.

Energy is always an important aspect and there is a lot of pressure to drive down energy consumption and costs. As with previous years there has been a good response to energy related questions. General offices have seen a slight increase in the benchmark this year, which may be due to the increased levels of IT in some of the buildings with submissions.

The industry standard benchmark for offices are presented in the 2003 Action Energy publication ECG019 Energy Use in Offices is still the most relevant energy benchmarks for offices. Comparisons between ECON19 and Network data can be made using the latest report. Although improvements have been made in recent years, we are still not reaching the good practice figures provided in this publication.

This report and the anonymised raw data are available to members of BSRIA's Operation & Maintenance Benchmarking Network. For more details on the network and the benefits of joining contact or phone Tracey on 01344 465512.

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