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NHS multi site DEC and advisory reports - case studyOctober 2009

"BSRIA was able to complete the work on time and were flexible enough to accommodate the challenges and restrictions of working in mental health facilities." Nick Iles - Interim Environment Manager, West London Mental Health NHS Trust

The challenge

West London Mental Health Trust required Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and Advisory Report Assessments for 35 buildings spanning across 7 sites, varying in size, complexity, use and age. The respective sites already had interim DEC assessments conducted by the NHS centrally, and now needed to have them updated.

BSRIA's approach was to go beyond basic compliance, and enable improved energy consumption awareness to assist with more proactive energy management techniques being introduced across the Trust.

The process

BSRIA provided the following:

  • Site visits to inspect all the buildings requiring DEC assessments
  • Analysis of energy consumption data for all buildings
  • The generation and registration of all 35 DECs and Advisory Reports
  • A final meeting highlighting the main findings and recommendations in the Advisory Reports

The benefits

  • Legal compliance from the DECs and Advisory Reports as required by the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD)
  • Identification of energy consumption within the 35 buildings
  • Practical recommendations to make year-on-year improvements in energy efficiency and, in turn, DEC ratings

Building investigations

Consultancy including troubleshooting, failure investigations, building performance and maintenance strategy