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New Testo smart probes now available from BSRIA Instrument SolutionsApril 2021

Testo 5 years ago revolutionised the portable hand-held instrument market by launching their compact smart probe range and they have now added to this portfolio with two more products. The Testo 915i a wireless Type K thermometer with plug-in temperature probes, and the Testo 552i a wireless vacuum probe.

 The Testo 915i thermometer comes in five different standard configurations:

  •  915i kit with three temperature probes (air, immersion/penetration and surface) in a practical smart case.
  • 915i with an air probe
  • 915i with immersion/penetration probe
  • 915i with surface probe
  • 915i with exposed junction (flexible) probe

Additional probes can also be purchased as optional extra's including a kit (Part No. 0602 5093) comprising of an immersion/penetration probe, air probe and surface probe.  For further details click HERE

The Testo 552i vacuum probe is the ideal tool for the busy refrigeration engineer as it links automatically to the Testo range of manifolds with the App used for displaying data, calculation, customer data and documentation.  For further details please click HERE

Other products in the Testo smart probe range include:

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Testo 115i temperature clamp probe

Testo 410i vane anemometer

Testo 510i differential pressure probe

Testo 605i thermo-hygrometer probe

Testo smart probe heating set  This comprises of a Testo 115i clamp type temperature probe, Testo 510i pressure probe and Testo 805i IR thermometer, and a smart case.

Testo smart probe refrigeration set  This comprises of two Testo 115i clamp type temperature probes, two Testo 549i pressure probes and a smart case.

Testo smart probe VAC set  This set comprises of a Testo 405i thermal anemometer, Testo 410i vane anemometer, Testo 605i thermo-hygrometer, Testo 805i IR thermometer and a smart case.

 Alternatively additional information can be obtained from the BSRIA Instrument sales team on 01344 459314 or e-mail

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