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New BSRIA Global Compressor Study available from September 2020September 2020

BSRIA has published the first of its series of regional reports on the Compressor market for Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  The report focuses on detailed product sales, with indications of production levels.

The different compressor types covered in this study include rotary, scroll, reciprocating, screw and centrifugal with focus on HVAC applications with separate data on air conditioning, air to water or water to water heat pumps and refrigeration. Transport applications are excluded.

The first reports now being published cover the Americas and China regions. They reveal contrasting pictures in terms of applications. In the Americas, refrigeration is the largest segment in the market, with high volumes of hermetic reciprocating compressors for residential applications. Air conditioning is the second largest application thanks to a vast residential and light commercial market. Rotary and especially scroll AC compressors are the most popular in this segment. The heat pump market is in a nascent state in Americas.

China has been a global production hub for compressors for some time now and this continues to be the case. Sales of compressors for air conditioning are the highest, followed by refrigeration units. Sales of compressors for heat pumps remain small in comparison.

Despite their difference of magnitude, both markets are expected to experience similar hurdles and economic woes in 2020-2021. The ongoing coronavirus crisis will be impacting China in 2020, but the recovery towards pre-pandemic levels is expected relatively quickly. In the Americas, refrigeration will drive growth unabated, despite a drop in air conditioning and heat pump markets, but the market is expected to take slightly longer to recover fully.

Both regional reports are available for purchase at the end of September. The India report will be published in mid-October, followed by the EMEA, Japan and South East Asia reports before the end of the year.

China: HAC&R compressor growth by type, by volume (‘000 units), 2017-2023

Source: BSRIA

US: HAC&R compressor growth by type, by volume (‘000 units), 2017-2023

Source: BSRIA

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