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New Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems launchedOctober 2013

Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems (BG 50/2013) guide partially replaces Water Treatment for Building Services Systems (AG 2/93) with respect to closed system applications.View sample

The treatment of water in modern closed heating and cooling systems is essential for the avoidance of microbiological fouling (biofouling), corrosion and scale. These problems can result in energy wastage, poor system performance and the need for early replacement of plant and components. Many facilities managers have minimal understanding of how water treatment works, what it is intended to achieve and the consequences of ineffective water treatment can sometimes be disastrous.

This guide is intended for use by design engineers, installing contractors and the maintenance staff responsible for looking after the completed systems. In particular it will help facilities managers and others choose the most appropriate water treatment for their systems.

The objectives of a water treatment programme are to maintain the system efficiency and cleanliness and prolong system life. The guide explains how to achieve this through:

• system design
• installation, testing and pre-commission cleaning
• application of a correct and appropriate water treatment programme
• effective management of the programme

The technical content of the publication has been compiled by a steering group comprising of BSRIA, the British Association for Chemical Specialities, the Water Management Society, the Commissioning Specialists Association and the United Kingdom Water Treatment Association.

The guidance is consistent with (BG 29/2012) Pre-Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems, BS 8552:2012 Sampling and monitoring of water from building services closed systems. Code of practice and the European Biocidal products Regulation (528/2012, commonly known as BPR).

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