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New Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services coming soonMarch 2012

This new publication being launched on 23rd April is an update to AG 15/2002. As with the previous guide, it provides basic reference information on mechanical building services systems for construction clients and professionals in other areas of the construction industry.

This guide will cover the key areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and controls and since the previous edition of this guide, information has been added on:

  • pumps
  • pressurisation
  • low-carbon heat sources
  • MVHR systems
  • commissioning, handover and project evaluation.

For construction clients, the guide provides a simple insight into the main system options discussed during the briefing process. It can also help clients to identify and raise technical questions which they feel are relevant to their organisation's specific needs. For construction professionals, the guide provides a quick reference to building services systems. For those new to the industry and non-experts, this guide provides a valuable introduction to the basics of building services systems.

To ensure the guide is simple and quick to use, a brief introduction to each system is provided, followed by a list of key points. Photographs and simple drawings are used to help explain the appearance and operation of each system.

Order our current Illustrated Guide to Mechanical Building Services (AG 15/2002) and you will receive a free copy of the new version when it is released in April (£50/£25 to non-members).

Please note recipients of the quarterly member mailing will be mailed a copy of the guide w/c 23rd April.

This guide can be purchased individually or as part of a set that also contains guides that focus on:

  • electrical building services
  • ventilation
  • mechancial cooling
  • renewables

Order the set of 5 Illustrated Guides (£150/£75 to BSRIA members)


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