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New Hydronic Design guide set contains Selection of Control Valves and Energy Efficient Pumping SystemsJune 2014

The The Hydronic Systems Design Guide set contains new publication Selection of Control Valves in Variable Flow Systems (BG 51/2014) and Energy Efficient Pumping Systems (BG 12/2011). You can save up to £30 when you buy these guides together. Both guides will assist with the design of energy efficient variable flow systems. View sample

Selection of Control Valves in Variable Flow Systems (BG 51/2014) has been produced to help designers avoid problems with the selection and application of control valves used in hydronic systems. Types of valve covered by the guide include two-port, three-port, four-port and pressure independent control valves. Proper sizing of control valves is vital to ensure:

  • Comfort Control – to ensure the heating outputs are properly regulated to meet the requirements of the application and thereby avoiding excessive temperature variations in the controlled media.
  • Control of system temperature differential – to maximise the energy efficiencies of low carbon heating and cooling sources by achieving and maintaining the required system temperature deferential under all operating conditions

Energy Efficient Pumping Systems (BG 12/2011) provides recommendations for building services designers on the design of energy efficient pumping systems. However it will be invaluable to a broader group including manufacturers, contractors and end-users who will benefit from being able to design, install, select and manage more efficient systems.

The guide recognises that the potential for pump energy savings is substantial. Europump (a pan European association of pump manufacturers) estimate that systems could be 30 to 50% more energy efficient by careful consideration of components, design and installation. Indeed our research has shown that a potential energy saving of 80% is achievable between the worst operating constant flow systems and the best designed variable flow systems.

The set can be ordered for £60 by non-members (both pdf and hard copy versions). Members can order hard copies for £30 or download pdf versions of the set for free. Order now


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