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New EU Legislation and Impact on Buildings studySeptember 2008

The end of October will see the publication of the first quarter of BSRIA's new EU Legislation and Impact on Buildings. BSRIA's inaugural study analyses indepth, key countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.

The study breaks down the complex matter of EU Legislation. Analysing the EBPD, EuP and EDS directives, the report explains how the directives work and the implication of these directives on your product from a sales, marketing, distribution and manufacturing perspective giving your businesses the ability to compete in a changing market.

The report is delivered in the following format:

  1. Excel sheet, identifying the individual legislation and the products affected by the legislation
  2. Word document outlining the strategic implications to Sales, marketing and production of the relevant legislation
  3. Word document outlining the background of the different legislation

Summaries of regulations on new and existing buildings for the main air conditioning and heating products and components are provided in the report. This is accompanied by the minimum requirements that each product needs to comply with according to the regulations.

BSRIA's new study provides product manufacturers with an insightful overview on the product requirements and trends in major European markets, allowing product manufacturers to identify their potential market in Europe and use the study as a guideline for product research and development planning

The report is published quarterly. Four quarterly updates will be available as yearly subscriber. In addition to updating the reports, new countries and other directives will be added in each quarterly report starting from Quarter 2.

For more information on the study click here.