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New environmental dust monitoring systems available from BSRIA Instrument SolutionsOctober 2015

Hot off the rollers and now available to purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the new TSI Environmental dust monitoring system. It is designed specifically for recording activities such as the generation of airborne materials from construction or pollution levels from road traffic in inner cities. Real time data is stored in the cloud for ease from any connected device such as a tablet PC and customers are able to set up SMS messaging direct to their phone for alarm conditions that require an immediate response.

The product is very competitively priced and it has the extra advantage that users can add in additional pre owned sensors into the package such as environmental noise meters into the cloud data storage system at no additional cost.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the first to have unveiled this exciting new product within the UK and this is part of a suite of products offered by them into the construction environment; testing of dust masks environmental noise levels and vibration are two others.

The TSI Environmental DustTrak aerosol monitor is a purpose built dust monitoring system that can be configured to measure in a multitude of different ways. Available in three base versions that can measure PM10 (Model EDTPM10), PM2.5 (Model EDTPM2.5) and the simultaneous measurement of PM total - PM10 - PM2.5 - PM1.0 (Model EDTDRX). Each base version can then be fitted with various options including: a cloud based data management system; rechargeable batteries; solar power system for remote off grid applications; metrology sensors – including wind speed and direction as well as temperature and humidity; a pole mounting kit; and heated inlet sample conditioner.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions General Manager, Alan Gilbert, said: “Having now undertaken the first monitoring exercise in the UK with this new piece of TSI instrumentation we have seen how easy it is to use. Along with its robust design and SMS alarm condition capabilities this makes the product ideal for use in a number of critical monitoring environments such as those on construction sites where dusts are not only a hazard to the workforce but also a source of pollution to the general public in the surrounding areas. Dust levels from construction activities in many cities including London are routinely monitored by companies to demonstrate compliance against Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA), and the TSI Environmental DustTrak will test this 24/7 with ease. Users can additionally monitor wind speed and direction on the site along with the vibration and noise levels, and the cloud based monitoring package will enable all the data to be accessed in a single to view system at no additional cost."

TSI Environmental DustTrak aerosol monitor on a rooftop polution data collection exercise

Robust design for long run time

  • Long-life pump (life expectancy > 10,000 hours).
  • Built-in auto zero module minimises drift over long sample runs and temperature changes.
  • Secure lockable, weather-proof enclosure.
  • Active sample volumetric flow control.
  • Heated inlet sample conditioning to minimises the effects of humidity and water vapour to provide more consistent measurement.

Reduced cost of operation

  • Instant access to real-time data – anytime, anywhere – via the web.
  • Manage multiple sites from a single location – eliminates costly site visits
  • Generate reports quickly and easily.
  • SMS text messaging and email alert capabilities directs workers to take action.
  • Long-lasting parts minimise downtime.
  • Easy maintenance with field-replaceable parts.

Please contact the BSRIA Instrument Sales team on 01344 459314 or e-mail for further details on the TSI Environmental DustTrak monitor or to obtain for a formal quotation.

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