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New Control Valves guide helps designers avoid problems with sizingJune 2014

Selection of Control Valves in Variable Flow Systems (BG 51/2014) has been produced to help designers avoid problems with the selection and application of control valves used in hydronic systems. Proper sizing of control valves is vital to ensure:

  • Comfort Control – to ensure the heating outputs are properly regulated to meet the requirements of the application and thereby avoiding excessive temperature variations in the controlled media
  • Control of system temperature differential – to maximise the energy efficiencies of low carbon heating and cooling sources by achieving and maintaining the required system temperature deferential under all operating conditions

BSRIA was recently involved with testing the performance of one particular device, Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICVs) and became aware that there was no common format for presenting the performance of PICVs or independent guidance on their selection. As a consequence, BSRIA published Test Method for Pressure Independent Control Valves (BTS 1/2012). Selection of Control Valves in Variable Flow Systems complements this guide by explaining how the performance data can be used to assist the selection process and ensure equipment choices are appropriate.

Chapters cover:

  • Matching control valve to terminal device
  • Achieving effective modulating control
  • Control valve sizing

Hard copies of this guide can be ordered for £40 to non-members or £20 to BSRIA members (please note stock will be available for despatch from 25th June). Pdfs are also £40 to non-members (available immediately) and can be downloaded for free by members. Order now


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