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New Asset Management and Maintenance Audits guide launchedJuly 2012

This new guide replaces two earlier BSRIA publications Operation and Maintenance Audits (AG 24/97) and Toolkit for Building Operation Audits (AG 13/2000).

There are two parts to the new publication including a guide to the audit purpose, plan and process and a toolkit using Microsoft Excel.

Effective management of the operation and maintenance of any asset requires feedback. A well planned audit will allow an organisation to check their management systems and maintenance to identify any deviations from those systems and make any necessary corrections.

Operation and maintenance audits are carried out for a number of reasons including assessment of current position, comparison against best practice, examination of efficiency and to demonstrate that work has been carried out as specified and that the anticipated performance has been achieved.

The audit process provided supports the implementation of good practice asset management as outlined in PAS 55-1 and sections of the guide have been annotated for this purpose.

The toolkit, featured in part two of the guide, can be used to plan the audit, capture and report the audit results. These, over a period of time, will give the opportunity to compare and assess similar sites or progress of one site over time.

Chapters of the guide cover:

  • Introduction
  • Audits
  • Management approach to auditing
  • The audit function
  • The auditor
  • Reporting
  • How to use the toolkit
  • Toolkit guide

This guide is available to buy at the pre-launch price of £50/£25 for BSRIA members until 23rd July 2012. Full price is £60/£30 for BSRIA members.

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