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Model commissioning plan sets out thorough proceduresJanuary 2010

Model Commissioning Plan is available from the BSRIA Bookshop individually or as part of discounted sets

Thorough and complete commissioning requires a good set of procedures. Salim Deramchi explains how BSRIA's latest guidance, the Model Commissioning Plan (BG8 /2009), will help. 

Commissioning. That period that everyone plans for, everyone knows is vital, but often gets compromised in the headlong rush towards practical completion.

What commissioning teams need is a plan that proves to be robust as activities struggle for supremacy in the pre-handover period. BSRIA has therefore produced BG8/2009 Model Commissioning Plan, a set of procedures that aims to help project teams organise their commissioning activities in order to produce facilities that are not only operationally-ready, but which meet the needs of all stakeholders. It can also help building control officers understand and record the commissioning activities.

Model Commissioning Plan documents the commissioning process that begins at the preparation phase of a project and carries on into occupation. The plan can be used to ensure that each phase of the project includes activities that can control the commissioning activities.

A detailed template breaks down each stage of the project highlighting commissioning activities that are important for the success of the project. The procedures start at the preparation and scheme design stages when the project team is considering options, and when modifications or enhancements are being made. As the commissioning plan records the developments and decisions, issues of commissionability and maintainability can be considered in tandem.

The plan requires the commissioning managers to meet with the construction team to foresee and plan for installation requirements specified by equipment manufacturers. This is aimed at avoiding unnecessary infrastructure changes in the future, which of course saves money.

The process not only allows the commissioning team to test and oversee system installations, but documents each step of the process ensuring changes are appropriate and efficient. This ensures that neither the project stakeholders nor the construction team can implement changes that affect the fundamental design concepts or adversely affect the building's energy efficient operation.

The process continues through initial occupancy to ensure the building meets the needs of the occupants. Remaining engaged with the client for up to three years allows the design and construction team to verify that the systems are working as designed, and that energy consumption targets are met.

Documentation related to the process is recorded from the start, ensuring that project changes are captured, best practice is followed, and regulations are met. This history becomes accessible to the clients and will allow them to maintain and operate their building effectively.

Model Commissioning Plan is available from the BSRIA Bookshop in hard copy, locked pdf or Word format to enable simple and quick access to complete forms electronically.

Model Commissioning Plan is also available in two discounted sets of guides covering Commissioning and Project Management.

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