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M&E maintenance client satisfaction KPIsMarch 2011

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The maintenance of a building is essential to the function of the business. In today's environment managers are searching for any edge that can provide them with success and outsourcing is one approach that is perceived to lead to greater effectiveness.

Outsourced maintenance service providers can bring best practice to an organisation but a client will need year-on-year demonstration of improvement. Measurement becomes important and adoption of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is a powerful mechanism to monitor performance.

These KPIs have been adapted over the years to reflect the key areas to monitor client satisfaction. Each year BSRIA ask building owner operators to assess their current Mechanical & Electrical service providers.

The 10 areas measured are:

Figure 1: Comparison of 10 maintenance KPI’s 2010
  • Response to reactive/breakdown maintenance
  • Quality of planned preventative maintenance
  • Effectiveness of communication channels 
  • Relationship with your organisation 
  • Level of innovation and proactivity 
  • Compliance with legislative requirements 
  • Adherence to the budget 
  • Management of health and safety
  • Management of documentation and site operatives 
  • Level of overall satisfaction

A scale of 1 to10 is used to score each question used in the survey to capture data from the industry; 1 being the lowest score i.e. total dissatisfaction and 10 the highest i.e. total satisfaction and a score of 8 is considered a good score.

Figure 2: Comparison of four key KPIs over six years

Criterion of appraisal

1 - 2: Very dissatisfied
3 - 4: Most dissatisfied
5 - 6: Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
7 - 8: Mostly satisfied
9 - 10: Very satisfied

We had a good response from many different sectors with a 38% public sector to 62% private sector split.

Figure 1 shows the percentage scores for those with a good score which is considered to be 8 or more on the 1 to 10 Scale. None of the KPI's managed to score over 50%. So there is still along way to go for our services providers to deliver customer satisfaction.

Reactive response is the highest scoring KPI with 48%, followed by Health & Safety with 45%. In contrast the worst KPI is overall satisfaction at 25%.

Figure 2 compares four KPI's which have been collected since 2004. Overall satisfaction has been on the decline for the past few years and this year it is at an all time low. Reactive response has recovered slightly this year, but quality of PPM has seen the worst year yet at 34%. It has been a tough year with budgets being squeezed and is reflected in the ability of our service providers to provide a good quality services on such tight margins.

Download a free wallchart of the 10 M&E KPIs (pdf).
Take part in our 2011 survey

A full and detailed report of the 10 M&E KPIs is also available to BSRIA's Operation and Maintenance Benchmarking Network members. For more information contact Tracey Tilbry, Networks Coordinator: 

T: 01344 465512