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Low carbon Innovation and Growth Team interim reportMarch 2010

Andrew Eastwell, Chief Executive (September 1998 - April 2014)

Shortly before Christmas and almost in parallel with the appointment of Paul Morrel, the new Chief Construction Advisor, Peter Mandelson set up what is known as the Innovation and Growth Team (IGT) for construction. As its first task it was asked to compile a report on the fitness of the industry to deliver the low carbon agenda that the UK has committed to.

Download the first report of the IGT from the Department of Business and Skills website.

It is an interim report having been put together with quite extensive effort from a large number of contributors and will form the basis of wider debate and more detailed development over the coming year.

This work runs in parallel with the "New Industry - New Jobs" initiative that the government is undertaking. It makes the link that as construction activity has a major gearing in the overall economy then new activity in low carbon building engineering ticks many of the boxes in the overall recovery of the economy. For the first time for many years our industry is being seen as a solution to many problems rather than as a problem industry to be tolerated. The report is positive and the industry contributions to it forward-looking and constructive. The next twelve months will reveal if the partnerships needed between government action and industry innovation can be fully developed.

BSRIA's Chief Executive, Andrew Eastwell, is a member of the Innovation and Growth Team.


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