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Life cycle costing - a gateway to 3 BREEAM creditsApril 2011

New guidance has just been issued by BREEAM to explain how the three credits available for life cycle costing and service life planning will be awarded.

The good news is that these credits can be awarded for any building within the scope of BREEAM. But the assessment criteria to earn these credits are highly prescriptive.

If you are interested in getting BREEAM credits for life cycle costing then do make sure that your BREEAM assessor and life cycle costing consultant both understand what is required.

In summary, the first credit can be awarded for carrying out a critical appraisal of service life and maintenance implications of different design options at feasibility stage (RIBA Stage B) and carrying out a basic life cycle cost analysis at early design stage (RIBA Stage C or Stage D). BSRIA can deliver both these requirements as Step 1 of its project-based life cycle costing service.

The second BREEAM credit is awarded if the life cycle costing analysis covers at least two of the following and compares meaningful design alternatives in each case:

  • The building envelope (roof, walls, cladding)
  • The building services (heating, cooling, ventilation, controls)
  • The building interior finishes (walls, floors, ceilings)
  • The external spaces (hard or soft landscaping, car parking).

Again, BSRIA can cover these requirements with its in-house developed life cycle cost calculation tool and provide a detailed report for the project team.

The third credit can only be obtained if the early design stage life cycle cost analysis is updated as the design develops (RIBA Stage D or Stage E), and if a maintenance strategy is developed based on information from the life cycle cost analysis. BSRIA can also provide these deliverables as part of its project-based services.

But crucially, the third credit can only be awarded if the project team actually implements the findings of the life cycle cost analysis in the final specification and construction of the building! Sadly, BSRIA cannot guarantee to deliver this. At this point, client and project team, it is over to you!

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Life Cycle Costing - Theory and Practice
A two-day course covering the basics of life cycle costings and advanced application of the technique in realistic situations. There is an option to just attend day 1.