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Latest M&E maintenance KPIs encouragingDecember 2012

The latest M&E maintenance key performance indicators have been published by BSRIA. Tracey Tilbry goes through the results.

Customer satisfaction M&E maintenance percentage of scores of eight or more since 2004.

Environmental managers are always searching for ways to get effective maintenance at low overheads. Small wonder that outsourcing is popular. Naturally, clients want to measure the performance of out-sourced maintenance services. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be powerful way of doing this.

BSRIA has been producing mechanical and electrical maintenance KPIs for the best part of a decade. The process works by BSRIA polling building owners and occupiers for their views on their service providers. A score of eight or more is a reflection of good performance. A scale of one to 10 is used to score each question. One is the lowest score (total dissatisfaction) and 10 the highest (total satisfaction). A score of eight is considered a good score.

Download summary charts of the last five years' results covering all 10 KPIs.

The 10 KPIs are:

  • Response to reactive/breakdown maintenance
  • Quality of planned preventative maintenance
  • Effectiveness of communication
  • Relationship with the organisation
  • Level of innovation and proactivity
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Adherence to the budget
  • Management of health and safety
  • Management of documentation and site operatives
  • Level of overall satisfaction.

There was a 62 percent private to 38 percent public sector split. The most responses were from the property management, financial, charity and education sectors.

While most KPIs have improved, the statutory KPIs have seen little change. The relationship category has the highest percentage score of 8 or more, at 56 percent. Predictably, innovation is the lowest scoring KPI, but this year is at its highest with 33 percent of good scores.

The mean scores have all improved over the last two years and many clients have reported their best scores to date. Communication has seen the largest mean score increase of the KPIs.

The results this year are encouraging. While contractors have raised their game when it comes to the relationships with their clients, and overall satisfaction is at an all-time high, the statutory KPIs have seen little change. So no room for complacency, and ample room for improvement.

The full report on all the KPIs is compiled for BSRIA's Operation and Maintenance Benchmarking Network Members. For more information about joining the network contact

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