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Intelligent Controls in Buildings - Monitoring service of Security and Fire Systems (2008-2013) November 2009

Will It Be Another Roller Coaster Ride For The Security and Fire Systems Market?

The latest report on Intelligent Controls in Buildings - Monitoring service of Security and Fire Systems (2008-2013) is now available. Countries covered in the study include France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and UK.

BSRIA's report shows that the EU(6) Monitoring Service - IBC(m) market managed a modest compound growth of 1.6% between 2006 and 2008, which represents a slowdown compared to previous years. Over the forecast period the IBC(m) sales will be impacted by the current economic downturn and the slowdown in the construction sector.

In 2008 there were around 5.6 million security and fire connections to Central Monitoring Stations (CMS) in the EU(6). It is a common characteristic of all the analysed countries that the monitoring of intruder alarm systems represents by far the most extended type of monitoring service. Nonetheless, the monitoring of CCTV and Fire Alarm systems are in an upward trend.

In the EU(6) the UK is the largest and most mature market at 24.7% followed by France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Although overall crime rates have been dropping, the threat of intrusion and the wish to protect assets has been one of the main demand drivers. Technology progress has been another significant factor. In terms of signal transmission an ongoing transition from PSTN towards IP and GSM has been identified.

The supply structure across Western Europe is strong, with a few of international companies and numerous national companies operating in the industry. The monitoring service market remains very fragmented and in the current economic climate it will be survival of the fittest.

United Kingdom

'Banking, Finance and Insurance' by far have the largest market share in security in all the countries apart from the UK where 'Offices' have a larger share at 15%. It is fair to say that the UK market is fairly stable; in 2009 the market grew however there was a decline in growth of 1.5% from previous years. The market is predicted to continue growing in this gradual pattern as before.


The French market was thriving since 2004. There was a sharp increase in market share until it reached its peak in 2007 and saw its first fall in years in the year 2008. Unfortunately the market is predicted to continue falling by a total of 4.8% until 2011 when it will pick up again and by 2013 it will head back to the promising stage it was at in 2006.


Spain had a booming market and has seen a 10% growth on average every year since 2004 until it slowed down in 2007. The market growth between 2004-2008 was 29.5%. 2009 saw a decline in sales and the market is not expected to pick up until 2010 onwards when it will start to see a slow and gradual growth.

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