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Instrument Solutions - World's first thermal imaging clamp meterMarch 2016

For a long time, electricians have been forced to troubleshoot complex problems by chasing down the cause – one electrical measurement at a time. The true source of the problem is often never found, leading to call-backs from customers asking the electrician to fix the same issue over and over again. Not only do they waste time troubleshooting problems they thought they had resolved, but they also put their safety at risk without knowing what dangers they faced.

Now available from BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the new FLIR CM174 imaging clamp meter, the world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter.

The FLIR CM174 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter has a built-in thermal camera that powers FLIR’s IGM technology (Infrared Guided Measurement), which visually guides users to temperature differences and pinpoints anomalies, so they can fix the system, not just the fault, to get the equipment up and running and ensure that it won’t go down again. Electricians may even find new issues they didn’t expect to see, expanding their scope of work and resulting in more business. For instance, they might have a hunch that a faulty motor controller caused an equipment failure, but after using the FLIR CM174 they discover that an overheating motor or a loose connection was to blame.

If an electrician is facing cluttered wires or scanning complex panels for hazards, he can stay at a safe distance and use IGM to show them the anomalies without reaching into the panel. The narrow-jaw design and built-in work lights also make it easier to clamp the meter around wires in tight spaces and in poor lighting conditions.

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