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Instrument Solutions supplied DustTrak Monitors to Loughborough UniversityAugust 2016

DustTrak monitors provided by BSRIA Instrument Solutions, being used to measure the concentration of atmospheric dust during a storm near Landeyjarsandur (Iceland) – June 2015

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is best known for sales, hire and calibration of equipment to aid companies in complying with the ever more stringent testing requirements in the construction industry.

Nevertheless, occasionally our equipment is used in some more unusual projects, like in 2011 when BSRIA Instrument Solutions supplied Oxford University with nine TSI DustTrak II DRX aerosol monitor to assess dust emissions from salt pans in the Sua Pan Desert in North East Botswana.

Or more recently, in 2015 when Loughborough University used TSI DustTrak equipment supplied by BSRIA Instrument Solutions as part of a global high altitude dust monitoring study in the areas of Iceland, regularly hit by the impacts of dust storms.

The TSI DustTrak environmental monitoring system is ideal for this type of application as it can run in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. The units along with the solar power battery system can run unmanned for months collecting valuable data.

The study of ‘High-latitude dust in the Earth System’ was performed by the Geography Department of Loughborough University in Leicester and you can access all the details HERE

For further information on the TSI DustTrak data logging systems please CLICK HERE

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