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Instrument Solutions - Blower door fan and gauge trade-in trade-up deals now availableMarch 2016

Instrument Solutions is now offering trade-in promotion until further notice on new Retrotec fans and DM32 gauges. Upgrade your old working equipment to the latest in airtightness technology and you could receive up to a £1000 credit towards the new system.

Retrotec are one of the world’s leading suppliers of blower door fan systems and Instrument Solutions are proud to provide their equipment into the UK market. Fans are available from the small but powerful 300 series unit which is ideal for Passive Haus testing to the High-Power 6000 series which is perfect for large domestic and commercial buildings with the ability to increase as a multi-fan system.

Instrument Solutions hold a large selection of fans in stock and offer a UKAS accredited calibrations on all systems to ensure that you are offering Building Regulation compliant tests.

  • Trade in models can be from any manufacturer but must be in a working condition
  • All old equipment must be returned to BSRIA Instrument Solutions for disposal

Full details of the Retrotec systems please click HERE

For further information on this sales promotion please contact the Instrument Solutions Team on 01344 459314 or email

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