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Instrument Solutions applauds the BOHS Breathe Freely initiativeJanuary 2016

Alan Gilbert General Manager

Instrument Solutions, a key supplier of products into the Health & Safety market has applauded the newly launched Breathe Freely collaborative initiative, designed to prevent occupational lung disease in the construction industry. Led by BOHS (The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection) – in partnership with key organisations – it will provide guidance, tools and resources that facilitate the recognition, evaluation and control of workplace exposures leading to the implementation of a recognised management standard.

UK construction workers are at high risk of contracting lung disease from the work that they do. In 2015, approximately 3,500 will die from cancer caused by past exposures to asbestos, 500 more from silica dust, another 5,500 will be diagnosed with occupational cancer, and – today alone – an unknown but significant number will breathe in the hazardous substances that will one day seriously affect their health or kill them.

The relevant Instrument Solutions are:

The TSI PortaCount Pro+ is part of a portfolio of instruments offered by Instrument Solutions to ensure users of RPE (Respiratory Protection Equipment) are safe in the workplace. It is complimented with instruments such as background dust monitors including the recently released TSI environmental DustTrak that can be used to monitor ambient levels of pollutants in external environments with information stored in the cloud for immediate access anywhere in the world.

The PortaCount Pro+ respirator fit tester is used for the testing of full facemasks, SCBAs, respirators including disposables (P1 and P2 versions).

Alan Gilbert, BSRIA Instrument Solutions General Manager, said: “The correct fitting of RPE and the background monitoring of construction workers is extremely important aspect of Health & Safety yet is often misunderstood and ignored in the workplace. Exposure to asbestos and silica dust is daily hazard and everybody involved in the construction process including all levels of management down to the worker sweeping the floor needs to understand the importance of using correctly fitted and tested face masks.

Some of the construction industry statistics are startling. For example: 3,500 occupational cancer deaths are caused by exposures in construction. And the UK construction sector has the largest number of reported cases of occupational lung disease of any industrial sector.”

BSRIA dust, particulate & respiratory fit testers:


Worker Health Protection for Construction

BSRIA PortaCount Face Masks

HI Standard is a management tool for managers responsible for their organisation's health and safety, to help them prevent and control employees' exposures to the risks from construction work that cause ill health and disease. It provides a six point framework of good practice, to help companies of all sizes to introduce, manage and improve their Worker Health Protection programmes, ensuring that the health risks are properly recognised, evaluated and controlled.

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