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Improving site productivity - earthing barsJuly 2006

In the first of a new series on ways to improve productivity on site, BSRIA's Glenn Hawkins explains how the use of earthing bars can lead to a significant reduction in cable requirements.

Every construction site has cranes. Every site has a need to run cabling for earthing requirements. Why not combine the two?

On a major construction site, six tower cranes were used during the construction works. Each crane was erected within a pit that had a reinforced concrete base located on reinforced piles.

Five of the tower crane bases have been used as the principal earthing mechanism. The base for the sixth crane was employed as the earthing mechanism for the electricity supply provided by the regional utility provider. This approach meant that the installation of a designated earth farm was not required.
Five earthing bars were installed at regular intervals around the principal cable raceway in the basement, and five primary earth cables were connected between each of the earthing bars and the nearest tower crane base. As these cables could be connected to the nearest earthing bar, rather than be run to the limited number of substations located in the basement, the project benefited from large reductions in the quantity of circuit earth cabling.

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