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HVAC 2020: UK - Renewable technology & impact on BoilersNovember 2011

HVAC2020 - A scenario based study looking at Germany & UK HVAC markets and how they will change from now up to 2020. Report findings show boiler sales will not be duly affected by the energy efficient changes being implemented. In fact the study shows a UK boiler market likely to achieve 1.8M+ units sold in 2020.

1. Market background overview

Useful Geographical & Economic background including construction overview of new builds and refurbishments.
New Build fell strongly in 2008 and 2009 with a good recovery in first half of 2010 with increasing number of kickstart Housing Deliveries boosting social and private house projects. Refurbishment projects have been naturally affected by the global economic turndown, recording falls of almost 12% in 2009. Private output for renovations fell mainly due to lack of consumer confidence in the economy. 2010 and 2011 however expect to see a return to usual levels as the number of dwelling in the UK in 2010 was estimated to be 27 million and 86% of those were built before 1985 when the first Building

Regulations regarding conservation of fuel were introduced. Although the refurbishment sector will remain under pressure due to cuts in public finances, due to targets of carbon emission reduction this area is likely to see a push to retrofitting.

Annual GDP contracted by 0.1% in 2008 and dropped by 5% in 2009. The fall was due primarily to greatly reduced consumer spending and reduction in house-building due to lack of credit.

2. Energy supply

Background information covering Prime Energy Supply (natural Gas and Oil) / Imports / Electricity Generation.
Until recently, the UK was largely self-reliant for energy, producing significant quantities of oil, gas and coal. Gradual depletion of oil and gas reserves and a decrease in domestic coal production has led to a growing dependence on imports. Gas has now replaced coal in the Electricity sector. Since 2005 increasing energy prices, growing concerns on security of supply and awareness of climate change have raised the profile of Energy use in the UK. Currently the UK Government has come out strongly in favour of a nuclear programme. Some regions however, have put particular focus on renewable technologies (particularly Wind and Tidal).

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